3D Explainer Videos

3D animations are fun and eye-catching; they are a great additional to websites. 3D animations always captivate individuals, especially when used to explain text or concepts listed on the website.

What are 3D Explanatory Videos?

Businesses use explanatory videos to help their customers better understand their product or services. They are able to come in a variety of options, but the video format is the most popular. Video format can show in great detail things such as characters, equipment, rooms and many other things.

By providing a 3D explanatory video to the customer, they can get a clearer picture of the services or plans. For example, an interior designer can lead customers through a home with 3D animation. They can add colors to the walls to help their clients decide the best option.

Where are 3D Explanatory Videos Used?

There are many situations that businesses may use 3D explanatory videos. Some companies like to have a 3D logo on their website; this is a popular option.

3D animation is used in certain sectors more than others. Medicine, engineering and architecture are the most common sectors that provide 3D animation to their customers. It’s easy to understand why; companies want to show construction plans in a model that their customers can fully grasp all the details.

Medical doctors can make full representations of the human body. 3D makes these representations, made from photographs of the real object, come to life. The experts are able to match all the colors and shapes so the item is perfectly recognizable. For doctors, using 3D explanatory videos is very helpful to explain ailments or future procedures to their patients.

They are also used for:

  • Animating characters
  • Describing technical equipment
  • Showing technical processes
  • Explaining the next steps in construction projects


Benefits of 3D Animations

Companies can benefit from 3D animations for a number of reasons.

  • They are eye-catching; they cause customers to stop and spend time on your website.
  • They also are helpful to the clients in order for them to trust the company.
  • Entire worlds can be created through 3D animation. There are endless possibilities to the creative process. Anything can be made into 3D animation.
  • 3D uses realistic optics. This means that the object will look a real as possible. The customer will be able to perceive the object. This is why it’s great for product videos. Products can be explained in great detail.


Types of 3D Animations

There are a few options to consider.

  1. The first is the 3D animation discussed previous. These are used in computer animated films and provide detailed figures. Customers are able to recognize the characteristics so they can be very beneficial to both the client and company. Animated characters can be seen on commercials, films and nearly everywhere.
  2. Another option is to turn a photo into a life object. They would look the exact same; it would be hard to tell what reality is and what animation is.
  3. Explanatory videos can be made as well, but animation is for more than that. Most catalogs, such as furniture, have images that are computer generated and animated. Animated doesn’t mean just cartoon like. A photo of a couch can be animated.
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