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The Animated Explanatory Video

Looking for a way to draw customers to your business? Consider using explanatory videos to help customers make the connection with your products and services. There are a number of options available from which you can choose to tell your story. From 3D production videos to whiteboard videos, you have the option to select an explanatory video that best fits your need.

With animated video, you can easily connect with potential consumers in a way that is both appealing and amusing. With as little time as 120 seconds, you are able to put your business in the spotlight, using characters who look like your potential targeted audience and you also have the ability to select voice-overs that best align to your business, lending your animated explanatory video to appear authentic in appearance.


How is an Animated Explanatory Video Produced?

Using a variety of different programs, the animated clips are assembled in a sequential method. Animated explanatory videos are composed of a series of graphic, rendered or static photographs that are stored in specific sequences. Normally, at least 24 frames per second are processed and strung together.

No real camera is actually required to produce this type of video unless certain types of movements are required to support the development of the video. In this instance, a process known as motion capture may be required to assist in making the movements appear to be authentic. In this variant of video,production may not require a camera to be used. Once the movements are recorded, they are added to the animation to assist with the clip. In most illustrations, 3D productions are applied. The animation is produced only from individual displayed images and is comparable to the conventional flip-book.

How Animated Explanatory Videos Are Brought to Life

Explanatory videos can provide potential customers with a real representation of people and backgrounds promoting or using a service or product. The various motifs or avatars can be modified to move in a variety of ways using individual images which may be provided by way of photographs or drawings. The graphic style available enables the characters to be individually adapted to your needs and optimize.

Figures are first drawn or photographed in a variety of different layouts and body positions. In order for images to be brought to life, they must first be available in digital form (as a graphic file). Next, these images are brought to life by way of a special video software in the desired order for presentation. Using a high-density of detail, versatile animation and human movements, consumers are able to better identify the animated character in an entertaining way.

Benefits of Animated Explanatory Videos

Unlike rigid advertising or promotional films with real actors, explanatory videos can address the customer in an amusing and relaxed way using animation. Animated drawings and explanatory videos fit together particularly well, because it allows abstract themes to be conveyed using simplified drawings therefore making complex messages easy to understand.

Finally, the animated explanatory videos in the field of video marketing have enormous potential. This is especially true within social networks because animated videos are easily received thanks to their deliberate comedy and appealing style of presentation. The probability that a video will be distributed and liked on a social network increases greatly with animated explanatory videos. Thus, is important that you integrate your explanatory video as soon as possible once your website design is complete.


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