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You already know the many benefits to include an explainer video on your homepage or marketing materials and with the help of Explainervideo24.com, you can easily have a professional explainer video of your own. Knowing how the process works will better ensure that everything runs smoothly and goes according to plan. These are the quick and simple steps involved in creating explainer videos with Search Hero.

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A briefing in which a client specifies his needs is the key to a successful cooperation. For this purpose we provide you with a questionnaire containing all the questions relevant to the production. The briefing phase is the stage when a comprehensive image of your requirements is created on the basis of your answers and other information, for example, product illustrations, CI-guidelines, market research etc.

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Concept and script

After we have clarified all open questions with you, we proceed to the next important step of the production – the creation of the script. The script presents the idea and the course of an explainer video. It contains descriptions of all the scenes. In this way, in combination with the speaker text, an idea is created on paper giving us a hint of the end result. Our script writers work out the script on the basis of your briefing and develop an interesting story for yourexplainer video in cooperation with the colleagues in the design department.

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Concept and design

After the idea and the storyline have been fixed and agreed on with the client, the explainer video is given an unmistakable face by our designers. They always search for innovative options in the area of optics, they know the newest trends and approaches when it comes to original presentation methods matching the products, services and the corporate identity of companies. Then our designers develop the so called story board on the basis of the script - that is on the basis of the speaker text and the image sequence. They draw scenes in an easy, neutral way and one can already see what the characters are doing and how the product is being established.

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Voice recording

Professional voice recording is the next step while making an explainer video. We record the text in cooperation with skilled speakers, who work with the language day by day, have the desired tonality and voice level and are able to stress different elements accordingly. The voice over is the base of the timing of an explainer video. It specifies the rhythm for the cut and indicates how long particular scenes are supposed to be watched.

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The optics of an explainer video should be individual and eye-catching. That is why our illustrators design unique scenes. They have a characteristic style and make your explainer video unmistakable by means of complex depictions. Our illustrators draw the desired scenes on the base of the script or story board agreed on with the client. At this time our designers preset the scenes with small black and white drawings. In this way they determine the equipment, the characters, the image sequence and in particular the perspectives beforehand. Then, a selected illustrator realizes the specifications in his personal drawing style.

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Once the illustrations are ready they learn to walk. With special programs for the animation of drawings we are able create movements and get tracking shots and suitable perspectives. Upon request, the persons can speak, walk, jump or - if you wish - fly into space on a pig. In the end, the individual scenes make a concept to a real film. It is of course in full HD quality. You can expect clear and sharp images, rich colors and distinguished depictions from us.

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Sound design

Your explainer video is almost ready now. The only thing missing now is the perfect background music. At this stage our sound designers look for suitable background music for your video. But there is one more step which can make the video even better. In the end phase of the production we add interesting sound effects where they can emphasize the message. Depending on the orientation of the video, they can be real or imaginatively humorous. Typical slapstick sounds, for example, cause an explainer video to be an absolute eye-catcher. But also real sounds like the wind, street traffic or movements give an explainer video a note of reality.

The production of an explainer video is a process including many steps.

Many different specialists are involved in the process of designing and producing your new explainer video. Their goal is to get the best out of your idea. Our offer is really favorable; however, the realization of a project is really complex and takes much more than a few minutes. The phase of the arrangements with our clients is when it all begins. Our script writers and designers develop a concept based on your briefing. Our client advisors present it to you and discuss it with you. Finally, we get a script giving us a hint of the end result. Step by step your explainer video comes to life. It happens according to a clearly specified process without which nobody would know what to do. Initially, we record the voice with a selected speaker. The text shall not be too long so that the speaker has got enough time to create a pleasant tonality and particularly stress some passages.

Everybody works hand in hand while making a good explainer video.

Based on the voice recording, the designers draw a story board in which the story and the design of the scenes are presented by means of very simple, black and white depictions. Afterwards, our illustrators draw the scenes to an individual overall concept. In this way we can certainly find a style matching your company. In the next animation phase we create moving images out of the valuable drawings. Here we can determine every single movement and get special camera perspectives and tracking shots. At the end of the production we add a sound design to the explainer video. At this stage we optimize the voice recording with sound effects and music. Depending on the video style these might be real sounds like a car horn or a lawnmower, in case of humorous explainer videos we can add sounds like in a slapstick film.

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