How Creating an Explainer Video Works

You already know the many benefits to include an explainer video on your homepage or marketing materials and with the help of, you can easily have a professional explainer video of your own. Knowing how the process works will better ensure that everything runs smoothly and goes according to plan. These are the quick and simple steps involved in creating explainer videos with Search Hero.

Ablaufplan der Videoerstellung

1. The Request and Consultation

The first step you need to take to getting your explainer video professionally done by is to send a request. Within 24 hours a team member will contact you so you know all of your options. Through an individual consultation, a professional team member will begin going over the theme and content design of your explainer video. The main focus will be on what message you want to convey and what the advertising purposes of the explainer video is. Once you have discussed these main factors you can discuss your ideas for the design. The design stage is one of the most important steps of creating explainer videos and your input and creative concept is essential for creating the ideal video that caters to your tastes and business image. If you have any questions after the initial consultation you can easily contact your professional partner from to get the answers you need.

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2. Implementation

After you design consultation the only thing you need to do is relax, the professionals at will be hard at work on your explainer video and will provide you with a script within 48 hours to review. The script will provide you with all the details of your explainer video included: text, speaker (voice-over), and structure of the video. If you feel any adjustments or enhancements need to be made that you just simply need to contact your partner and a revised script will be sent back to you with the new content and ideas. Once you approve the script the production of the explainer video can begin. You will be giving a binding commitment for a delivery date this allows you to make the necessary preparation on your website for the inclusion of the video. This is also a great time to start peeking your customers a curiosity, The professionals at pride themselves as being your committed and trusted partner and the completion dates are their liabilities so you can be assured that when you are told a date that you will have your video by that specific date.

Analyse des Erfolgs Ihres Erklärvideos
Umsetzung des Erklärfilmkonzeptes

3. Follow Up

The team members at want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your complete productions. If there is anything you are not satisfied with, will perform up to three correction loops for your explainer videos at no additional cost. This allows you to make small adjustments till you get the perfect video. will naturally follow up with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your video once you have had a few days to look it over. The professionals know how often additional ideas or request might come to mind upon review of the video and in these instances, is more than happy to make any small adjustment at your request. Your satisfaction is of great importance and that is why always keeps you in the foreground.

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