Why explainervideo24?

Why you should have an explainer video

Why should you include a video on your website? Promotion videos are growing in popularity more and more because they offer an opportunity for you to connect your customers in a direct way to you company, products and services. Time is valuable to your customers and most often they don't want to waste much of it reading through complex and lengthy text to understand a product or service. With an explainer video from Explainervideo24.com, you can provide you customer with short, concise information in an easy to follow and understand format.

Verständliche Präsentation & Kommunikation dank der  Erklärvideos der Suchhelden

1. Perfect Presentation of Products and Services

You want your customer to obtain a clear visualization of what you have to offer. With the combination of clear text and appealing images, your customers get the full idea of your images in one presentation.

2. Communication New Style

With short and concise representation your video can create a total image for your business. The design possibilities of explainer videos are incredibly versatile and can be humorous, witty, or serious.

3. Memorable

Moving image is more memorable and easier to recall upon. This allows you, customer, to obtain a long lasting impression for the explainer video.

4. Shows the Advantages of Your Offer

Your customer will see a visual representation of how your product or service can solve a problem for them. This gives your customer a clear and precise idea of how they can use your product or service. This is something simply reading the information cannot do as effectively.

5. Diverse Distribution

The explainer video on your website can possibly be distributed on partner sites. You can use social media networks to distribute your explainer videos or incorporate mobile integration.

6. Lower Cost for You, Free to Your Customers

Unlike with traditional brochure, which can take an excessive amount of time to create, print and distributed. Explainer videos offer a rapid and effective way to present your products or service to your customer.

7. SEO

SEO is vital for getting your business noticed and found in search engines. With a video, your products or service can possibly be found quickly since videos are becoming more preferred in search results. To increase your SEO you can include sub-text and headings, along with additional keywords in your explainer videos.

8. You Do Not Do Any of the Work

Aside from the general idea and feedback, all the work is done by the professional. Explainervideo24.com creates your individual explainer video quickly so all you need to do is wait a few days and it is done.

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