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http://www.kuk-systems.de is a company headed by the siblings Axel and Jan Kluge, who deal with the provision of individually adapted control systems. This includes every step from planning and development to the installation and post-processing of these systems. This comprehensive approach allows kuk-systems to offer complex, long-leveled and coordinated control systems throughout Germany. These fully automatic systems include, among others, the so-called feeding system as well as the traction system, which is successfully used in various cattle farms.


http://www.kuk-systems.de/ helps them to optimize the processes in their livestock operation. Do you have too few workers to adequately carry out all your tasks in their livestock? In this case, they can benefit from the Vuk-Driving System and the feeding system from Kuk-Systems. The feeding system as well as the feeding system are characterized by their automated process, which can be adapted individually. No staff needed! Furthermore, you can optimize your time sequences as well as lower your energy consumption costs.

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Automated feeding and feeding systems for livestock companies

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