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https://www.vr.de/ is one of the so-called cooperative banks and currently has 30 million customers and over 18 million members. In its more than 150-year existence, the Volksbank and Raiffeisenbank have always distinguished themselves through economic success coupled with socially responsible action. The Volksbank Raiffeisenbank always assumes responsibility. It is committed to its members, locally anchored, supranationally organized as well as democratically organized.


You run a business and the customers are very satisfied with their services. However, you do not have your own accounting department, and you lose the slow but sure overview of your accounting? Take advantage of the simple and efficient approach of Volksbank Raiffeisenbank. The so-called VR-Billing provides a template for offers, invoices and reminders. In the same way, invoicing is very easy with the help of VR-Billing. This also includes, among other things, automatic payment receipt monitoring.

Target group

Small and medium-sized enterprises


Automate and manage VR billing invoices and manage them in the right way

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