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What Is a Whiteboard Explainer Video?

Explainer videos can vary in styles and one of the most popular styles is the whiteboard explainer video. The basis of the video utilizes a board style display where the information appears to be drawn in the moment on the board. This type of video can be easily achieved with just a few simple elements but can have highly effective results.

What is the Difference Compared to the Panel Style?

Panel style will utilize a green blackboard as the background. With a whiteboard explainer video, the background is white and a handing holding a pen draws the story on the whiteboard. The whiteboard represents an unknown quantity which allows the audience to become a part of the video from the very beginning. Not only images can be drawn on the whiteboard various symbols and text can also be drawn in these types of explainer videos.

Advantages of the Panel or Whiteboard Explainer Videos?

Panel explainer videos are also quite popular since the dark background gives an appealing contrast. This style often builds upon something rather than present something completely new, the smearing of the text that was once there gives an interesting effect. The story is told by continuous reading and replacing the images with new ones.

Why Should You Choose the Whiteboard Explainer Video or Panel Style?

These styles offer simple effects to address complex situations in a very well represented way. These can be ideal for your explainer videos depending on what exactly you are trying to say through the video. The whiteboard explainer videos are particularly cost effective and are incredibly comprehensible to viewers while also allowing them to be a part of the action. The whiteboard style and panel style are incredibly versatile as well since you can incorporate various colors as well into the design.

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