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Explainer Video: Whiteboard Style

The whiteboard explainer video style always starts with a white background. Only then comes the actual action. An authentic, previously filmed hand begins to draw on the originally untouched blank sheet of paper. Using a pencil, it draws the entire story at an accelerated pace. From the very first moment, the viewer gets integrated into what is happening on the screen and is able to witness firsthand the development of the entire story. Our whiteboard explainer video style is ideally suited for complex tasks because its simple look makes the message clearer and easily comprehensible.

Whiteboard Style Basic:
Stop-motion Animation

In our Basic Packet, we design your explainer video with templates. All characters are hand-drawn, cut-out figures who learn how to move thanks to the stop-motion animation. The vision is to make them look as if a real hand is drawing them. In the case of the stop-motion animation, however, no characters and objects are individually created.

Whiteboard Style Advanced:
A Minimalist Way

In Advanced Packet, We use here the same design as in the basic version. The important difference, however, is that no templates are applied. This is why people, products and objects can be designed individually. If required, the use of the hands can be dispensed with.

Whiteboard Style Premium:
Full animation

In Premium Packet, where the optics at highest level possible is used. As in a real film, the whiteboard explainer video style is fully animated. Every detail gets in action mode so that we can generate special camera perspectives. The characters, products and buildings are all created according exactly to the customer's requirements. For example, the corporate identity can be designed. The real hands do not exist in this case.

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